MICRORAM Risk Mitigation

Quality Management System (QMS)

How do we achieve the Industry’s top Quality Management System (QMS)?

We employ a combination of proprietary & industry leading processes to develop our technology based QMS (Quality Management System)
The MicroRam Quality System is a documented strategy designed to:
  • Assist purchasing in procuring parts from reliable sources

  • Assure authenticity and conformance of procured products

  • Control parts identified as counterfeit or non-conforming

  • Report counterfeit parts to other potential users and Government Investigative authorities

Risk Mitigation Management

Supply Chain

  • Focus Supplier Strategic Sourcing – Global supplier engagements with sources that have direct channels into the OCM base.
  • PartGuard Quality Management System – Use of multiple
    component-level risk mitigation
    procedures which is comprised of:
  • IDEA 1010 – 72 Point inspection protocol
  • ICE 3000 Certified Inspectors – Qualified and certified through
    3rd party certification
  • Supplier Certification
  • Qualification check list
  • New supplier on site audit availability
  • Extensive industry standard testing capabilities
  • Industry leading certifications and affiliations

and Analysis

  • In-House Testing Lab – Third-party testing on-site – Insight Analytical Labs (IAL)
  • Alliance Testing Program – Third-party testing lab with extensive capabilities
  • AS6081 level testing and Customer-Specific Testing (CST) protocols
  • Factory Level (FA) Failure Analysis Testing – Performed by third-party testing facility providing board-level and finished goods failure analysis
  • Engineering and Design Services
PartGuard by MICRORAM Electronics

and Affiliations

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • AS9120 Certified
  • ESD S20.20 Certified
  • SAE Aerospace (An SAE International Group)
  • Office of Supplier Diversity
  • Independent Distributors of Electronics Association
  • Board of Trustees
  • IDEA 1010B Certified
  • QMS 9090 Certified
  • ICE 3000 Certified Inspectors
  • ERAI Member
  • GIDEP Member